Power Distribution Panel Label Set (Standard)

58.50 (+ IVA)

Power Distribution Panel Label Set

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CARTEK now produce a range of custom designed
Power Control Panels (PCP).
As the name suggests, these products integrate
electrical power distribution and dashboard
switches in one, self-contained panel.
By incorporating power switching electronics with
over-current protection and intelligent
functionality, these units remove the need for
multiple switches, relays, fuses and circuit breakers
thereby greatly simplifying the wiring, saving
weight and maximising reliability.
● Fully electronic with no moving parts.
● Replaces multiple switches, fuses, relays and
circuit-breakers. Reduces wiring.
● Any number of channels, maximum 16.
● Selectable current settings 8A, 16A, 24A or 32A.
● Over-current and short-circuit protection.
● High quality Deutsch power connectors.
● Various functions available.
● Status LED for each channel.
● Resistant to shock and vibration.
● Back Light Illumination available on PCP-16
The fully customisable nature of these Power Control
Panels allow CARTEK to configure systems to
customers exact requirements.
Customers can choose the number of channels,
channel functions, button colours and switch panel
shape, graphics and mountings.
CARTEK then aim to deliver fully built, ready to install
panels in around 3-4 weeks

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