Sistema de extinção – CESAL4S

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FIA 8865-2015

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Very compact and ultralight fire extinguisher system, electrically activated, suitable for saloon cars. FIA 8865-2015 rules complying. Aluminum bottle, the extinguisher can turn off fire in few seconds injecting in the cockpit and in the engine bay different fire-extinguishing medium. The system gets pressurized when activated enabling the discharge of the extinguisher. 3 nozzles are for the engine bay in order to protect the most critical and dangerous parts depending on the type of vehicle, 2 nozzles are for the cockpit to ensure the driver front and rear protection. Fixing brackets, clamps, tubing and connections are included. Total . Weight: 5,5 Kg. Diameter. 130 mm. Length. 274 mm. Homologated for use on. petrol, petrol + up to 30% ethanol or methanol, up to 85% ethanol or methanol E85. “S” version suitable for small sized cockpit (from 2. 2 m3 to 1. 2 m3).

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